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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.4

Fixed bugs:

  • u8-list->bytevector returned () when given list contains non u8 value. #115
  • (rfc http) might not read all response.


  • Cached library also shows source location if available.
  • &system is raised when system call or OS related operation failed.
  • (text markdown) is rewritten to mostly compatible with peg-markdown.
  • (text markdown) is documented.
  • Textual port with UTF-16 codec now emits BOM. #116
  • (sagittarius ffi) now exports make-c-callback as well.
  • Performance of (text csv) has been improved.
  • CSV parser is now accepts all characters if entry is quoted.

New features:

  • Luhn algotirhm library (math luhn) has been added.
  • define-inline has been added to (sagittarius control).