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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.5

Fixed bugs:

  • uinteger->pointer doesn't work properly on 32bit environment. #117
  • define-record-type with custom protocol on parent doesn't raise an error. #118
  • input-port-open? and output-port-open? should not raise an error when port is given. #119
  • inconsistency between char-numeric? and digit-value. #120
  • quotient return incorrect result. #121
  • (log -0.0) should return -inf.0+pi. #122
  • promise is evaluated twice. #123
  • (exact +nan.0) causes C assertion error. #124
  • calling display with socket port raises an error. #125
  • letrec, letrec* and internal definition should raise an error if init part contains undefined variable. #127
  • write-shtml-as-html doesn't handle *TOP*. #128
  • json-read goes infinite loop if string terminates without delimiter. #129
  • RSA encryption with PKCS v1.5 padding sometimes generates incorrect padding. #130
  • Passing closed socket to fdset caused SEGV.
  • TLS server socket calculated signature wrongly.
  • Fixing set-xor!, set-xor, bag-xor! and bag-xor.
  • heap-search might go infinite loop.


  • Parameters' initial values is now initialised even it's created on different threads. #126
  • Missing SRFI-116 comparators has been added.
  • sxml:attr-list is now exported from (text sxml tools) as well.
  • (sagittarius remote-repl) now handles I/O (stdout and stderr) separately.
  • Exporting auxiliary syntax defined in SRFI-86.
  • -r6 and -r7 options affect reader/writer better.

New features:

  • thread-interrupt! procedure has been added.
  • socket-select related procedures are now interruptible by above procedure.
  • (net server) now also supports non blocking server.
  • (util timer) is now resumable

New documents:

  • Concurrency library (util concurrent) has been documented.
  • Low level socket APIs are documented.