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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.8

Fixed bugs:

  • "2.225073858507201e-308" can't be converted to number. #144
  • (regex "a/b") returns unreadable regex literal. #145
  • (security keystore) with JKS or JCEKS has unbound variables.
  • pid->process didn't work on Windows.
  • Incorrect calculation of add-duration and subtract-duration has been fixed.


  • Windows environment got stabler.
  • Generating TZ database can be done with local files.
  • Building OS X can be done without specifying libffi
  • Calling outer loop inside of guard consumes less stack.
  • Stabilised (net server).
  • Thread specific value is available on threads created by (util concurent thread-pool).
  • Native stack trace can be shown on Windows when Sagittarius is crashed.
  • Native stack trace can be shown on POSIX environment when SEGV or other critical signal is raised.

New features:

  • thread-pool-thread-task-running? has been added.
  • Weak box has been added.
  • Draft SRFI 123 has been added.
  • Draft SRFI 124 has been added. The implementation does not comply the whole requirement.
  • process-active? has been added.

New platform:

  • OS X environment has been supported. Some of POSIX functionalities are not usable due to the limitation of OS X.