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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.9

Fixed bugs:

  • get-line didn't accept custom textual input port. #148
  • Cached procedure caused an error. #149
  • Retrieving timezone offset of Asia/Tokyo failed. #150
  • local-timezone returned GMT in Japanese timezone on Windows. #152
  • Template variable expansion used free-identifier=? instead of bound-identifier=?. #154
  • Comparison of literal from pattern variable was incorrect. #155
  • string->date didn't consider timezone properly. #156
  • Calling load in library file outside of library declaration caused SEGV.
  • Finding library process was not atomic.
  • -r6 options without script file caused SEGV.
  • AES CTR mode (aka RFC 3686) didn't work properly.

New features:

  • GCM mode is supported on (crypto). #147
  • R7RS syntax-rules now signals an error if input forms aren't equal length. #151
  • buffered-port is introduced.
  • User defined custom port class has been introduced.
  • macroexpand-n has been added to (sagittarius debug).
  • Cipher APIs on (crypto) now uses parameter classes instead of keyword arguments.
  • SMTP library (rfc smtp) has been added.
  • process-wait now can accept timeout keyword to stop waiting.


  • Pre build process uses less network connect (for developer).