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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.7.0

Fixed bugs:

  • Modifying string returned from symbol->string shouldn't affect original symbol. (Issue #168)
  • Internal process of time-usage converted micro second to second incorrectly.
  • Return value of uintptr_t was not handled correctly on 64 bit environment.
  • intptr_t and uintptr_t arguments were treated 32 bit integer on 64 bit environment.

New features:

  • Bit field for FFI c structure. (Issue #169)
  • Following the final SRFI-121.
  • Supporting SRFI-127.
  • Adding new format specifier ~! which flushes the port.
  • More support of SQL on (text sql).
  • New style of FFI argument type.
  • Null pointer can be passed as callback in FFI.


  • SRFI-114 uses builtin symbol comparator.