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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.7.4

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue #181: #e1@1 returns inexact number. (now it raises &implementation-restriction)
  • Issue #182: Problem with equal-hash? -- Segmentation fault: 11
  • Issue #183: default-hash on SRFI-128 raises an error when passing a pair
  • Issue #184: Lookahead-* procedures mutate port position.
  • Issue #143: Bundled libffi can't be compiled on clang (OS X)
  • SRFI-113 set/bag depended on the order of hashtable


  • Builtin hash procedures now follows SRFI-125 (accepts second argument and ignores)
  • Applying SRFI-41 performance improvements
  • (sagittarius filewatch) now works also on OS X
  • Thread termination of thread pool is more stable.

New features:

  • SRFI-132 - Sort Libraries has been supported.
  • Draft SRFI, SRFI-125 - Intermediate hash tables has been supported.
  • shared-queue-remove! has been added to (util concurrent).