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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.7.8

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue #193: define-generic and define-method creates global bindings in scope
  • Issue #194: Toplevel validation doesn't work properly
  • Issue #195: Running with -r7 option doesn't disable keyword reading
  • Issue #196: absolute-path procedure on POSIX environment doesn't return path if given file doesn't exist.
  • Issue #197: regex-find ignores start position of matcher
  • Applied SRFI-113 fixes.


  • TLS library should be more stable
  • Binding variable names are checked strictly.
  • C runtime file on POSIX has version.

New features:

  • Experimental C translator sagittarius-scheme2c is available (default off)
  • library->path* procedure has been added.
  • define-inliner accepts :origin keyword to evaluate the expression in the specified library.
  • open-bytevector-input/output-port has been added to (binary io).
  • ->binary-pre-allocated-buffer-input/output-port procedure has been added to (util buffer).
  • SRFI-135 has been supported.
  • Logging library (util logging) has been added.

Backward incompatible changes:

  • er-rename is moved to (core macro) library.
  • Default unbound-variable method raises an error.
  • Mid level API of (rfc sftp) is changed.