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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.9.6

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue: #247: macro does not work if i import scheme base
  • Issue: #248: every and any from SRFI-1 aren't compliant of the specification
  • Issue: #254: raise and raise-continuable don't attach stack trace
  • Issue: #256: ΓΏ can't be printed properly
  • Issue: #257: flexible-vector-delete! raises an error when removing the last element
  • Fixing the build process (retrieving windows time zone)

New features:

  • Mutable JSON library (text json mutable) has been added
  • URI PEG parser library (rfc uri parser) has been added
  • SRFI-146 mappings is supported.
  • Some of R7RS-large Tangerine editions are supported
  • define-c-struct now accepts alignment keyword as its base alignment


  • (text json pointer) supports mutable JSON as well
  • Minor performance improvement of (util logging)
  • (rfc tls) now verify certificates

New documentation:

  • (text json patch) has been documented