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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.9.8

Distribution finger prints:



  • 09d9c1a53abe734e09762a5f848888f0491516c09cd341a1f9c039cd810d32a2 sagittarius-0.9.8.tar.gz
  • 14771f6dbf48c19411871821faed39ba44cc3451fa7e718f37b6aca977323891 setup_sagittarius_0.9.8.exe
  • a351ab9e0e6a2daf4ffb64dfaeaa115d8eee4ba0da835d4e2cf4e510eef79ecc setup_sagittarius_0.9.8_x64.exe

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue: #273: SRFI-19 padding error
  • Issue: #258: Don't install test data files on Windows
  • Issue: #274: FFI wrong struct alignment
  • Incorrect implementation of ALPN domain name
  • Fixing RSASSA-PSS bug
  • Fixing (abs -0.0)

New features:

  • Supporting XML Dsig (not documented)
  • Adding (text xml xpath) library (not documented)
  • Supporting SRFI-154
  • Adding record builder library (record builder)
  • Adding modernised socket library (net socket)
  • Adding modernised HTTP client (net client)
  • JWS support on (rfc jws) (not ducumented)
  • x509:verify-certificate procedure has been added to (rfc x.509) library to verify parent certificate
  • ECDSA certificate on mTLS has been supported
  • PKCS12 keystore supports ECDSA keys (i.e. (security keystore) and (rsa pkcs :12))
  • Simple GUI script executor has been added (only on Windows)
  • Supporting SRFI-197