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The is the project page for the Csound Package Manager. It is currently planned that this bitbucket page will hold the working development copy of the package manager until it becomes stable. At that point, it may continue to live on here or move into the Csound GIT repository on SourceForge.


  • Package Manager is not tied to one server; this would allow there to be a public server, mirrors, local servers so that educators can say, create a set of example UDO's and things to use
  • Package manager could be used to:
    • update package list from server(s)
    • list packages (available, installed)
    • install package (and dependencies)
    • get detailed info on package
    • check dependencies on other packages
    • remove package
  • Packages could have:
    • package recipe (files to install, what to build if necessary)
    • text/binary files
    • dependencies on other packages (by version)
    • versions

Client Design

Server Design

Server should have these features:

  • User Accounts (Perhaps allow OAuth)
  • Package Upload
  • RSS/Atom Feeds for new Packages