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TaskwarriorAndroid / Configuration


Application has no GUI for configuration. Like console Taskwarrior, all settings are stored in located in <External Storage>/Android/data/kvj.taskw/files/<profile uuid> folder, where <profile uuid> is unique profile ID. You can find name of current profile ID in Navigation drawer, under current profile name (see screenshots)

In order to edit, open navigation drawer, run Settings and edit file with plain test editor you like or use embedded one

Don't forget to reload configuration after modification from Navigation drawer


Like with original Taskwarrior, in order to synchronize Android app with taskd server, you need to store three .pem files on your Android device locally and set paths to them in your file.

There two ways:

  • RECOMMENDED Store .pem files in profile folder <External Storage>/Android/data/kvj.taskw/files/<profile uuid> (see General section) and specify relative path:
  • Store .pem files somewhere and specify full path:

Other two options, taskd.server and taskd.credentials should be same with original Taskwarrior. is ignored now (hostname is not checked).

If sync does not work for you

try to enable debug output:

  • Add following to android.debug=y
  • Reload config and sync again
  • Check contents of taskw.log.txt file located in profile folder
  • Optionally share contents of it on IRC or Bitbucket if sync does not work for you. Share menu item is located in Navigation drawer


There is no 100% guarantee that every version of Android can connect to every configuration and version of taskd, but, based on tests, following has been discovered:

  • Android 4+: taskd server with ciphers=NORMAL - OK, ciphers=SECURE256 - Fail
  • Android 5+: taskd server with ciphers=SECURE256 - OK
  • Android 4+: server - OK

More tests are needed


You can enable periodical sync with taskd server by adding following values to your


This will run sync with taskd every 60 minutes after every successful sync, run sync after 3 minutes after any tasks change command and run sync after 10 minutes when sync error is detected.

Every value is optional.

If you want to disable certain types of statusbar notifications displayed, add following to

android.sync.notification=<value> where <value> can be:

  • all - default behavior, all types are displayed
  • none - no notifications at all
  • combination of sync, success, error, separated by comma


By default app displays list of all available reports in Navigation drawer and shows next report by default. In order to change this behaviour, two configuration options are available:


This will limit report list to only three reports and default report will be list