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Attached Quick Finder for Jira

Fast attachment finder in Jira. Search by issue type, attached by, file name or attached date range. Sort and browse results.

Now, attachments are easy to find in Jira. Search attachments by project, issue type, attached by, file name, file extension or attached date range.


High performance database search (no JQL).


Browse and sort search results by relevance


Attachments search result page provides a similar view and features on attachments like Jira filter page on issues

More Details

  • User friendly and intuitive usage
  • No training or study of additional documentation required (e.g. Jira Query Language)
  • Search supports all Jira supported databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL)
  • If you are using MiniWiki for Jira Plugin, you don't need to install the Attached Quick Finder for Jira Plugin - it's included in MiniWiki, already