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Proxy service configuration


The proxy server configuration file, serviceconfig.xml, is located among other configuration files in ./config/. The associated XML Schema is missing at this time.

Default configuration

By default, serviceconfig.xml ships with two premade configurations:

  <listen ip="" port="2106" />
  <service host="localhost" port="2107" />
<authorizationSocket disabled="true">
  <listen ip="" port="2106" />
  <service host="" port="2106" />

As you can see, the second configuration is disabled and will not be available if NetPro is started as is.

The first configuration will attempt to establish a connection with AuthD/AuthGateD/Login server on You will have to direct the client to connect to any of locally available IPs: localhost, LAN IP or WAN IP (port 2106, as is the default in client configuration).

If you already host a login server on port 2106, NetPro will fail to bind a socket. Therefore, you can either change the client's configuration and proxy's listening port or simply change the login server port to 2107.

The second configuration will attempt to connect to the Lineage II NA AuthGateD. To use it, you must disable the first configuration, as it has the same listening port. Simply cutting and pasting disabled="true" will work fine.