Levit's Django CookieCutter template for DRF apps

Before getting started

This cookie cutter provides a Django project built according to the project app architecture.

In short, with the project app architecture, the almost empty directory named after your project becomes an app like any other app in your project. This has numerous advantages, the most noticeable of them being that you don't need to create a core or base app but can use your project app instead.

If you haven't seen Anatomy of a Django Project by Mark Lavin, I would emcourage you to do so to get a better grasp of what the project app architecture is about.


For more info on CookieCutter, please visit their documentation


To use, simply run cookiecutter


Included in this CoookieCutter:


  1. Make sure your system allows you to run scripts from /tmp (this isn't the case for a default Ubuntu installation)

  2. This template currently only works on unix-based systems. PR for an MS Windows .bat hook or for converting the current hook to a python hook are welcome

  3. This template comes with a base test class to test most ModelViewSets, look at the file in the tests folder for more info

This project is licensed under the MIT License

Before contributing, commenting or interacting with this project in any form, please, make sure you read and understand our Code of Conduct