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jqlLTFunctions / EULA

This is an agreement between Licensor and Licensee, who is being licensed to use the named Plugin.

Licensee acknowledges that this is only a limited nonexclusive license. Licensor is and remains the owner of all titles, rights, and interests in the Plugin.

This License permits Licensee to install the Plugin on one and only one production JIRA instance. Licensee will not make copies of the Plugin or allow copies of the Plugin to be made by others, unless authorized by this License Agreement.

Any support and maintenance of "the app" shall be provided by Coldfire, Lda on a best-effort basis for valid license holders. Failure of Coldfire, Lda to provide support and maintenance will not entitle you to any remedies from Coldfire, Lda Support requests must be reported through the Marketplace Expert S.L ticket system located at Issue Tracker

In case of a breach of the Limited Warranty, Licensee's exclusive remedy is as follows: Licensee will return all copies of the Plugin to Licensor, at Licensee's cost, along with proof of purchase. At Licensor's option, Licensor will either send Licensee a replacement copy of the Plugin, at Licensor's expense, or issue a full refund.

Coldfire, Lda shall not be liable for errors contained in “the app” and/or its documentation, or for lost profits, loss of data, non-compatibility, infections, lost opportunities, consequential or incidental damages incurred as a result of such errors. To the fullest extent possible under the applicable law Marketplace Expert S.L. excludes all liability for damages resulting from the use of or the impossibility to use “the app”.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, this software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. You agree that you bear all risks associated with using or relying on "the app". Coldfire, Lda hereby disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to any implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose relating to "the app". In no event shall Coldfire, Lda be liable or responsible for any claim, damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data or profits; or business interruption) or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with "the app".

This License Agreement is the entire and exclusive agreement between Licensor and Licensee regarding this Plugin. This License Agreement