make check failed to build test programs

Issue #139 resolved
Peter Breitenlohner
created an issue

(1) In a VPATH build, i.e., outside the source tree, make check failed to build gdimagefile/gdnametest because "../test_config.h" is not found (and unnecessary because this header is already included from gdtest.h.

(2) When building without libjpeg make check fddailed to builld gdimagerotate/bug00067 because this program requires libpng AND libjpeg.

The attached two patches fix these problems.

Comments (5)

  1. Peter Breitenlohner reporter

    On Sat, 17 Jan 2015, Pierre Joye wrote:

    Perhaps the patch failed to apply because it contained changes for the modified tests/

    Here again the two changes for VPATH and missing JPEG

    ========= cut here ============= diff -ur libgd-gd-libgd-289c82929f00/tests/gdimagefile/gdnametest.c libgd-gd-libgd-patched/tests/gdimagefile/gdnametest.c

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