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libqxt user guide



Make sure qmake is in your PATH and run


... or configure.bat on Windows.

See configure -help for more information on configuration options. (for MSVC you could try configure.bat -msvc and open the solution file in MSVC, we recommend compiling from commandline though.)

To enable OpenSSL on Windows:

     configure.bat -I C:\OpenSSL\include -L C:\OpenSSL\lib -l libeay32 -l ssleay32

To enable Berkeley DB on Windows:

     configure.bat -I C:\BerkeleyDB\include -L C:\BerkeleyDB\lib -l libdb47


From the directory in which you untarred the sources:

     make && make install

...or nmake, when using msvc Note: This will also install qxt.prf to your $(QTDIR)/mkspecs/features directory.

To get the docs integrated with Qt Assistant: Close all running instances of assistant first then type :

     assistant -addContentFile /usr/share/doc/html/qxt.dcf

or on Windows:

     assistant -addContentFile C:\libqxt\doc\html\qxt.dcf

change the command to match your install path if required

debug mode

The above steps only allow you to compile applications in release mode. Repeat the above steps with configure -debug or configure.bat -debug so that compiling in debug mode does not give you obscure linking errors.

using Qxt in your project

Add the following lines to your .pro file:

     CONFIG  += qxt
     QXT     += core gui

The QXT variable should contain the modules you want. (In this example core and gui are used.) Note: Some modules depend on other modules. The required modules are added automatically. if you have an existing msvc project and can't swtich to qmake you can use zbenjamins solution:

How to use libqxt in a existing Visual Studio project:

  1. create and install libqxt. (See install instructions)
  2. add {libqxtinstalldir}\include\qxt\QxtCore to your include path
  3. add {libqxtinstalldir}\lib to your library search path
  4. to add a specific libqxt module (f.e QxtSql) you have to:
    1. add {libqxtinstalldir}\include\qxt\QxtSql to your include path
    2. add the library QxtSql.lib to your project Most of the times you have also to include the QxtCore and QxtKit modules. It's done the same way like the example above.


You should be able to see the generated documentation for libqxt offline in qt assistant if you followed the instructions above. The docs of the latest release and previous versions are also viewable at