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lifev-release / Topic_branch_submission

Topic branch submission (Obsolete ?)

Topic branches should be registered as an issue in the issue tracker named branches. Please use the following convention:

  • New -> branch pushed to the git repository, not to be reviewed (yet)
  • Feedback -> branch ready for merge to master
  • In Progress -> branch ready for merge to master@bitbucket
  • Resolved -> branch merged to master@bitbucket, currently under review
  • Closed -> branch merged to master@bitbucket
  • Rejected -> branch is rejected

Assignee is the author of the branch and watchers are the reviewers

In principle, they shall all be public

Contents description (Obsolete ?)

Please try to follow the following structure:


[]{.Authors} with h2. Author(s) as title

[]{.Reviewers} with h2. Reviewer(s) title

[]{.touched .Files} with h2. File(s) title and reference to file like this:

lifev-dev:source:lifev/core/fem/AssemblyElemental.cpp\ lifev-dev:source:lifev/core/fem/AssemblyElemental.hpp

Review process (Obsolete ?)

A branch does not need a review before beeing merged to master@bitbucket. Instead it has to comply with the following rule:

  1. at least one day as passed since it has been announced at [[Current_FIFO]]
  2. at least one day as passed since the last merge to master@bitbucket
  3. the nightly build did not fail the night before (to make sure you merge onto a clean master)
  4. the local admin is sponsoring the merge

Of course, the common reasonable conditions apply. In particular, it is expected that the code will not fail the review, which is described below.

A short review process takes place after the merge to master but before pushing to github.\ Review has to include

  • compliance with the coding guidelines
  • relevant tests
  • (code analysis with Valgrind)
  • list of reccomendations for further development (a todo list for after merging)

If there is no comment within one week (or so), one admin (typically Simone) pushes to github.

How to access to branches (Obsolete)

The discussions about a particular branch can be done inside the issue tracker.\ As a general rule, the author submits a branch as New or as Feedback and turns on watching for his co-authors and the suggested reviewers.

Note: If you need to look for the branches that are, e.g., ready for review but are not yet reviewed, look at the lifev:issue and filter out the Branches with status Feedback

Nightly build (Obsolete)

Master branch is compiled and tested every night in opt and debug, cf nighlty build\ To see the archive of all the builds, please visit the archive .\ If you need to regenerate the directory tree, use the php script