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VMTK on MacOS 10.12

Here are the instructions I used to install VMTK on my Mac in December 2017.

I followed roughly the instructions at [[]]

On my Mac I already have port installed and now I'd like to install VMTK via homebrew. To minimize the interference between port and homebrew, I installed the latter in a different directory:


edit install file in order to change install dir to $HOME/Ruby. Then install Homebrew:

ruby -e "\$(cat install)"

You have now to add $HOME/Ruby/bin to your PATH:

export PATH=\$HOME/Ruby/bin:\$PATH

(add this to your shell profile or call this line in every terminal where you need to use brew or vmtk)

If you have vmtk already installed on your computer:

brew uninstall vmtk
brew cleanup

You have to change the git version inside the file vmtk.rb. First download it:


Then edit vmtk.rb, 3rd and 4th line

url ""\
version "1.4.1"

(The version here is fake, since we are using the head of the development)

On my computer, in the lines of vmtk.rb, I also have to remove the lines 28-29 and replace them with

python_executable = "/usr/local/bin/python"

Otherwise python is not found. Then install vmtk:

brew install ---build-from-source vmtk.rb