LLAP Health Magnesium: What It Is, How Much You Need

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    Magnesium is an important mineral having the symbol Mg in its atomic symbol and atomic number 11. It's a silvery gray metallic substance that bears a close resemblance to all the other five elements in the fourth column of our periodic table known as the Periodic Table. It plays an important role in all forms of life and contributes significantly towards the growth, maintenance and vitality of all creatures and plants. Magnesium plays a key role in the distribution of energy in matter and is involved in many biochemical reactions that are fundamental to the metabolism of living organisms.

    Although magnesium can be found in several foods such as meat, whole grains, beans and dairy products, it is much more common in the dietary supplements available from your local drug store or LLAP Health nutritional specialist. The best dietary sources of magnesium include; leafy green vegetables, egg yolk, sesame seeds, beans, yeast, nuts, seeds, meat, potatoes, and chocolate. Although there is not sufficient scientific data to link magnesium deficiency or related disease to eating these foods and supplements, it would be prudent to try to obtain as much of this vital nutrient as possible from your diet. If you are getting enough magnesium, you will be less likely to experience the following symptoms:

    Magnesium deficiency can be overcome in a variety of ways, one of which is to consume a well-balanced diet containing a wide variety of different nutritious foods including calcium, iron, bromelain, niacin and phosphorus, along with the recommended dietary allowance of magnesium. LLAPHealth Magnesium supplements can also be beneficial, however, they must be used as a last resort. There are several manufacturers who produce low-potency magnesium supplements that do not provide the required amounts of Magnesium. The potency of these low-potency supplements may be significantly reduced when compared to Magnesium Glutamate, thus it is extremely important to take the proper Magnesium dosage in order to achieve the intended result.


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