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Recent and upcoming visitors

April 14-18, 2019Philipp Haselwarter from Ljubljana
Mar 7, 2019Anders Schlichtkrull from DTU
Feb 28 - Mar 14, 2019Laure Petrucci from LIPN/CNRS, Université Paris 13, France
Feb 14 - Feb 15, 2019Elisavet Kozyri from Cornell
Feb 11 - Feb 13, 2019Pierre-Yves Strub École Polytechnique, France
Dec 11 - Dec 13, 2018Ilya Sergey Yale-NUS, Singapore
Oct 29 - Nov 02, 2018Paolo G. Giarrusso EPFL, Switzerland
Oct 30 - Nov 02, 2018Amin Timany KU Leuven, Belgium
Oct 30 - Nov 02, 2018Leo Stefanesco from Paris, France
Oct 22Alix Trieu from Université de Rennes 1, France
Sep 4Giorgio Bacci from Aalborg University
Sep 4Radu Mardare from Aalborg University

A list of past visitors is here.

Seminar, Spring 2019

We meet every Monday from 13:00 until 15:00 in Nygaard-295. This meeting is organized by Kristoffer Just Arndal Andersen. The list of previous seminars is available here.

Jan 7, 2019Søren & Bas
MathiasPOPL Practice Talks
Jan 14, 2019-POPL Week
Jan 21, 2019KristofferDistributed Protocol Combinators
Jan 28, 2019JacoIdentities and Inequalities for Fixpoint Equation Systems
Feb 4, 2019-
Feb 11, 2019-
Feb 18, 2019AslanReconciling Termination-Insensitive NI and Declassification
Feb 25, 2019LauStkTokens
Mar 4, 2019MartinInterpretation of Dependent TT in LCCCs and the Coherence Problem
Mar 11, 2019Laure PetrucciEfficient Parameter Synthesis Using Optimised State Exploration Strategies
Mar 18, 2019MathiasFine- & Coarse-Grained Information Flow Control
Mar 25, 2019-
Apr 1, 2019SimonPractice Talk for POST: Information-Flow Control in Idris
Apr 8, 2019MagnusExtensible Records with Scoped Labels
Apr 15, 2019MagnusFixpoints for the Masses: Programming with First-class Datalog Constraints
Apr 22, 2019Easter Holiday
Apr 29, 2019Magnus-
May 6, 2019Alix-
June 3, 2019Jakob Von Raumer (Nottingham)Path Spaces in Homotopy Coequalizers

Tutorial Material