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We meet every Monday from 13:00 until 15:00 in Nygaard-395 (or on Zoom). This meeting is organized by Danil Annenkov.

January 13, 2020Daniel GratzerMultimodal Dependent Type Theory (abstract)
January 20, 2020No seminar -- POPL week
January 27, 2020No seminar -- post-POPL week :)
February 3, 2020Irfansha ShaikEnumerating and Counting N-Queens solutions: Between heuristics and structure (abstract)
February 10, 2020Cancelled
February 17, 2020No seminar - winter break
February 24, 2020Andreas Aagaard LyngeUnivalent parametricity and refinements for free (abstract)
March 2, 2020Alix TrieuHow programming language research can help securely implement cryptography (abstract)
March 9, 2020, 13:00-14:00Andrew HirschTowards Computational Models for Authorization Logics (abstract)
March 9, 2020, 14:15-15:00 (cancelled)Ranald CloustonBi-Intuitionistic Types via Alternating Contexts (abstract)
March 16, 2020Cancelled
March 23, 2020Steffan Sølvsten Jørgensen∃R-Completeness of Stationary Nash Equilibria in Perfect Information Stochastic Games (abstract)
March 30, 2020Benjamin Salling HvassHigh-assurance modular inversion using Fiat Cryptography (abstract)
April 6, 2020No talk -- social chat :)
April 13, 2020No seminar - Easter break
April 20, 2020Cancelled
April 27, 2020Abel NietoBlame for Null (abstract)
May 4, 2020Auke BooijAnalysis in univalent type theory (abstract)
May 11, 2020Alex KavvosHow to Define Things by Recursion: A crash course in the basic notions of domain theory
May 18, 2020Armaël GueneauThe right answer at the right time: an introduction to time complexity verification using time credits (abstract)
May 25, 2020Søren Eller ThomsenNakamoto-Style Blockchain Consensus 101 (abstract)
June 8, 2020Jaco van de Pol and Magnus MadsenA Polymorphic Type and Effect System with Boolean Unification (abstract)