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This is the official Lord of the Craft Development Team issue tracker and plugin documentation. Here you will find a fast-access route to information not found elsewhere as well as an easy to use bug reporter. Within this page you will find the guidelines to contributing (making a bug report) and links to the rest of the wiki.

Guidelines to making a meaningful report


This is the place for bug reports. Support tickets can be logged here (these encompass issues with the forums, permission issues, client problems (modded clients)). Bug reports encompass issues with plugins (e.g. "Not gaining experience from breaking log").

What should you include?

When making a report you should try to be as detailed as possible. This should include details such as what race you are, what your skill levels are, if you were under any potion effects, what tools you were using (along with enchantments), the time it occurred, where it occurred, if you can recreate the bug, and messages you may have obtained that you usually wouldn't have gotten.

How should I format the issue?

Descriptive naming is important for sorting out our work load. Instead of "Lumberjack" you would name the issue "No exp gained from cutting trees". Inside of the issue attempt to be as clear, concise, and informative as you possibly can.

Not only this but try to keep it limited to one bug per issue. This actually helps us organize much better!

Create your issue

Now that you've read through this you're ready to begin.

Before you make your issue however things to do before you post:

  1. Make sure your issue isn't already open or resolved. Look through the tracker and see if someone has already reported the issue or if your issue has already been resolved.

  2. The priority should be in direct relation to the relevance of the problem. We will set the priority as we review the issue regardless, but it makes things easier on us if you attempt to reasonably set the priority.

  3. Do not fill out any of the following information; Assignee, Milestone, or Component. Doing so will result in having all of these stripped from your issue and a verbal reminder not to do it.

  4. Is your issue sensitive, such as an Exploit? It doesn't go here if so, please send a PM to Kowaman on the forums.

If none of the above stops you from posting head on over to the issue tracker!

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