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PHOEBE / Installation

Installation and First Time Use

PHOEBE can be run directly from Matlab or can be installed as a Windows application, although admittedly the compiled Windows app has been tested significantly less than the Matlab version.

Although not technically necessary, it is advised to install PHOEBE on the same computer that collects the data from the fNIRS system.

Matlab application

To run from Matlab (2014b or newer), simply clone PHOEBE's repository in a directory of your choice and run phoebe.m. Although not strictly necessary, you may permanently add PHOEBE's folder and subfolders to the Matlab path. If the computer has Internet connectivity, PHOEBE automatically checks for a new major release every time is launched. However, minor updates must be obtained manually by downloading the repository anew or by using a software version control software (e.g., Atlassian SourceTree makes really easy to keep PHOEBE up-to-date).

Windows application

To install PHOEBE as a Windows application, please download and run the installation file here. If necessary, the installer will also download and install the appropriate version of the Matlab Runtime Compiler (MRC).

First Time Use

When launched for the first time, PHOEBE asks few questions to properly configure software and hardware settings. All settings can be changed at a later time through menu items.

Initially, PHOEBE asks if Polhemus Patriot is used for digitization of the optodes and fiducial points. Then, PHOEBE asks if a previous digitization and source-detector pairings files are to be used as default probe layout. PHOEBE uses Homer/AtlasViewer formats for both localization and pairings files.

All PHOEBE settings (e.g., default probe path, GUI options, digitizer options) are saved in init.mat as soon as they are changed or upon closing the application, and will remain in place for the next session of PHOEBE. It recommended not to alter the content of init.mat to avoid malfunctions.