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Interfacing PHOEBE with NIRx NIRScout

  1. In NIRStar (version 15.0 or above), click on the menu Configure Hardware and select the Data Streaming tab. Then, click on Enable LSL Streaming and select Raw Data from the pull-down menu Data Type.

  2. Select the Channel Masking tab and click on Select all in the Masking Options section. All boxes in the source-detector matrix should be checked (colored in blue). This is necessary to stream all source-detector pairs via LSL, so that PHOEBE can decode all channels and compute the scalp coupling accordingly. This will also enable plotting all the channels in the NIRStar interface (which might be undesired), but at this time NIRSstart can only stream channels that are masked.

  3. Close the Hardware Configuration window to return to NIRStar main window.

  4. Click on CALIBRATE to optimize the emitters and detectors levels, and then click on PREVIEW.

  5. Switch to PHOEBE and select NIRx NIRScout from the Instrument pull-up menu in the Monitor tab. After loading a saved probe or digitizing a new one, click on MONITOR. PHOEBE will display the coupling status in real time.