maxExplanations not working?

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Issue #4 resolved
Guilherme Passos created an issue

I have tried using the flag --maxExplanations in different forms:

--maxExplanations (long form)

-max (short form)

--max (the only previous form, in 2.3.1)

However, it did not work: pellet kept running even after finding an explanation (trying to find other explanations, I believe), while hermit kept finding other explanations (and writing them to file).

As for jfact and fact++, I had different problems, which I will report in another issue (timeout and another error I did not understand).

I am using the docker image giuseta/bundle:3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. I am attaching the files used: CP999-3-modified.ttl is the one I want to check satisfiability, while it imports ud-complete-test.owl.

I am running as

/bundle/bundle --verbose -max 1 --noProb -r hermit --method owlexp --inconsistent file:///home/input/CP999-3-modified.ttl

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