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Bundle: Explains one or more inferences in a given ontology including ontology inconsistency

Usage: bundle [options] <file URI>...

The options --unsat, --all-unsat, --inconsistent, --subclass, --hierarchy, --instance and --property-value are mutually exclusive. By default --inconsistent option is assumed. In the following descriptions C, D, and i can be URIs or local names.

Argument description:

  • --help, -h
    Print this message
  • --verbose, -v
    Print detailed exceptions and messages about the progress
  • --ignore-imports
    Ignore imported ontologies
  • --unsat (C)
    Explain why the given class is unsatisfiable
  • --all-unsat
    Explain all unsatisfiable classes
  • --inconsistent
    Explain why the ontology is inconsistent
  • --hierarchy
    Print all explanations for the class hierarchy
  • --subclass (C,D)
    Explain why C is a subclass of D
  • --instance (i,C)
    Explain why i is an instance of C
  • --property-value (s,p,o)
    Explain why s has value o for property p
  • --method, -m (glass | black | owlexp)
    Method that will be used to generate explanations (Default: glass). black cannot be used to explain inconsistency. If the method is set to owlexp then the OWLExplanation library will be used. owlexp and black are bit slower than glass method. If the ontology contains DisjointUnion axioms the owlexp method is used.
  • --max, -x (positive integer)
    Maximum number of generated explanations for each inference (Default: 2147483647)
  • --time, -t
    Maximum time allowed for the inference, 0 for unlimited time. Format: [Xh][Ym][Zs][Kms] (Default: 0s)
  • --noProb
    Disable the computation of the probability
  • --log
    Write on log instead of on screen
  • --bddfact, -bf
    Set the BDD Factory, possible values can be "buddy", "cudd", "j", "java", "jdd", "test", "typed", or a name of a class that has an init() method that returns a BDDFactory. Note: "cal" is not supported, use "buddy" for better performances. If the loading fails I will use "java" factory. (Default: buddy)