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Daniel Hintze created an issue

Suggested by @grrrmml: Maybe you could add possibility to start final rounds on knock-out basis. Like quarter-, semi-finals, small final and final.

It seems to me that one way could be to start a new tournament with the top 8 or so players and have a different tournament system (like single elimination) for this tournament. The drawback would be that there would be no connection between this tournaments (so far) so one could i.e. not send one final list of standings. Is such an link necessary or desirable? What would you say?

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  1. grrrmml

    Hi Daniel, I think a new tournament would be just fine - one can name them accordingly, and take results of first phase and then results of finals. Losers of the quaterfinals (and below) probably ranked according to first phase.

    Maybe there could be a customizable scheme or choice who faces each other (like "reward" first vs last and so on, "fair" first vs. second / third vs fourth ... - or whatever one would need, just taken from a list af numbers...)

    For my needs (Badminton) it's sufficient having places 1-3 respective 1-4 ;-)

    If theres a long time scoring system required, this is probably done by hand (in spreadsheets) or another program.



  2. Daniel Hintze reporter
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    Hi grrrmml, I'll see what I can do. Regardless of if and what schemes can be implemented, by resolving #12 and thereby having the ability to manually pair players it should be possible to achieve the desired pairings at least on the manual way.

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