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to make the program completely complete and universally usable (I would donate for), a mode for classic group phase could be considered.

Example: 12 Teams - 4 groups each 3 teams - one on each other - first two of each group get to next phase (like single elimination, as discussed in #13).

Maybe "just" have a wizard for creating a "group" of x (here: 4) Tournaments for selectable players. Then the finals could be built from the group, according to parameters or a selectable scheme.

This would fit most requirements that I could think about.

Best regards,


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  1. Daniel Hintze

    Hi grrrmml, I think I understand the kind of tournament system you are describing. It would certainly be useful to have group based tournament systems for a lot of different games. However, I am not sure whether such a group based system fits into the basic assumptions of the swiss systems. My biggest concern is, would you still expect all players (or teams) to play simultaneously (what also means that you have to have enough courts to play on)? If not, this could collide with the computed rounds (at least if there is an odd number of players).

    In case I am not able to implement your suggested feature in the swiss app right away I nevertheless would consider implementing it as an new tournament mode (not pushing it into the swiss system limitations) or fork an adapted version of the app.


  2. grrrmml reporter

    Hello Daniel,

    yes it indeed is not swiss-system based, the amount of matches is reduced just by creating groups.

    This is used in many sports, not all matches have to be simultaneously (though our 8 courts would allow 4 groups each 4 teams).

    The existing implementation should result in each team in a group facing each other, surely the player number must be adequate for this to work, like 2^n. Best is also having 2, 4 or 8 groups, though every number works with 'lucky losers' (e.g. best teams ranked third pass to next round).

    Thinking about it, it's already possible to use the app for this. but manual group building is required. (like with the app "smart team picker") and manual setup of the single elimination phase - right now on paper :-)

    Kind a wizard for this and the grouping thing could be all that is required. What do you think about it?

    kind regards,


  3. Daniel Hintze

    Hi grrrmml,

    I'll see what I can do. The suggestions you made shout be implementable. I have to think some more about it but I will definitely give it a try, because I could use such in feature in my favourite sport as well. I'll make a concept and discuss it with you, but unfortunately it will take some time as for now I have some examinations in the next weeks. However, thanks for you suggestions and ideas and I think we'll find a way to have the app support that tournament style in a way.


  4. grrrmml reporter

    (Reply via

    Hi Daniel,

    sounds great for me. As I also do some software engineering (C++) , I know it's often not so easy... take your time.

    and good luck for the exams ;-)



    Bitbucket <> schrieb:

  5. Daniel Hintze

    Hi grrrmml,

    to bad your not in java development, I wouldn't mind some competent help with the coding :-) Nevertheless you are already helping allot with your useful suggestions. All it needs now is some time for the actual implementing.



  6. grrrmml reporter

    ... me and my girlfriend are just about to start with Android programming.

    As you see, time is on your side, I'd love to help :-)



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