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Issue #5 new
Daniel Hintze created an issue

A result page with the final standings, stats and winners to have a nice tournament end would be nice. As to what else to see when you tap "end tournament" perhaps the tie breaker results as well? So you'll have W/D/L/SoS/2nd tie break (if present). It's just a nice way to formally end the tournament and reset the app to start a new tournament again instead of it being persistent as it is now.

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  1. grrrmml

    Hello, if it does not interfere with swiss system and fits to app design, maybe you could add possibility to start final rounds on knock-out basis. Like quarter-, semi-finals, small final and final. regards, grrrmml

  2. Daniel Hintze reporter

    @grrrmml: This is a very good request you made. I don't mind supporting other game modes as well if there is a way to include them in this app. I created an dedicated issue #13 to discuss how this could look like. By the way, based on the proposals you made, could it be that your playing MTG?

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