Text at webpage disappears shortly after page has fully loaded

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Issue #17 resolved
Martin Urbanec created an issue

Hi Magnus,

I realized at https://tools.wmflabs.org/commons-delinquent/ the text disappears shortly after the page has fully loaded. See the screenshot. Could you fix that please?

Details Browser: Chromium 56.0.2924.76 OS: Kubuntu 16.10 64bit

Thank you!

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  1. Martin Urbanec reporter

    Yes, I have. I use Chromium 56.0.2924.76 at 64bit Kubuntu (BTW I've already told that in the description).

  2. Remko de Keijzer

    Same thing happens for me (using FireFox 52.0.2 on Windows 10). I notice two things in the Developer Tools: 1) It tries to load https://tools-static.wmflabs.org/tooltranslate/data/delinquent/nl.json which gives a 404 2) A CORS error: 13:42:20.932 Cross-Origin-aanvraag geblokkeerd: de Same Origin Policy staat het lezen van de externe bron op https://tools-static.wmflabs.org/tooltranslate/data/delinquent/nl.json niet toe. (Reden: CORS-header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ ontbreekt). Probably because nl.json doesn't exist. So it tries to apply a language for which translations don't exist and doesn't fall back to another language.

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