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5DPrint Firmware / Auto print from micro SD Card

This feature is included in the 5D Print firmware since version 2.20.22 and enabled by default. When a user plugs in the micro SD card with a filename autoprint.gcode or autoprint.g, the firmware will recognize the file and start a print automatically without connecting to a host computer. In addition, the file name is case insensitive, which means AuToPrInT.GCode or auTOpriNT.G will also work.

There is an additional M31 command to enable or disable the autoprint feature. This command is for the user to change the content on the micro SD card, using the micro SD card slot on the printer.

To enable auto print:

M31 E1

To disable the auto print feature:

M31 E0

The autoprint enable / disable setting can be saved to the EEPROM with the M500 command. For more information in tuning the EEPROM settings, please refer to the EEPROM page

There are some built-in sequences in the autoprint.

Success file read from SD card:

M300 F100 P1000 ; A low frequency tone

Failed file read from SD card:

M300 F4000 P1000 ; A high frequency tone

End sequence:

G1 Z10 ; Lower Z axis

G28 X0 Y0 ; Home X and Y axes

M22 ; Release SD card

M18 ; Disable motors

M104 S0 ; Disable hot end

M140 S0 ; Disable hot bed