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The SlimLibrary plugin was developed to provide additional features, not currently provided by the LMS server, to the SlimLibrary iOS and Apple TV App. Although it was developed for the specific purpose of the SlimLibrary App, it can be used for by any other 3rd party App or plugin.

SlimLibrary Plugin features

##Download of additional images in the album folder:

Scan and upload the back cover of the album, or the album booklet, to the album folder and with the plugin you will be able to view the images in the app.

##Download of Album information:

Enter any additional information about the album in a text file, in the album folder, and use the plugin to download the content of the file.

##Play video files uploaded the the LMS server:

With the SlimLibrary plugin installed you can play videos stored on the LMS server in the app.

(Currently only supports video formats natively supported by Apple)

##Query the server for main artists:

The LMS Server categorizes artist into two groups, main artists and compilation artists. With the plugin you can query the server to return main artists only. The SlimLibrary App uses this query to group your artists into these two categories.

##Enhanced album queries:

With the plugin you can query the server for multiple artists, genres and years all in the same query. The plugin also adds 'Ascending' or 'Descending' sort orders and adss 'Date Added' as a sort by option. Version 2.00 of the plugin now supports composer queries too.


The SlimLibrary plugin can be installed using Logitech Media Server's Extension Downloader. Add to the list of Additional Repositories in the Extension downloader plugin settings (located in Settings/Plugins in the standard web interface) and activate the plugin.