This code is now obsolete please use this repository instead


Implementation of Citrus: a concurrent RCU search tree based on the paper "Concurrent Updates with RCU: Search Tree as an Example" by Maya Arbel and Hagit Attiya.

Userspace RCU:

Two implementations are available:  
1. Our implementation based on epoch-based reclamation. (default) 
2. Userspace library, (https://lttng.org/urcu/).

We suggest trying both versions as performance can vary. 
In order to run Citrus with userspace library download the library and compile with -DEXTERNAL_RCU.

Correct Usage:

1. Initialize the tree by calling init(). 
2. Initialize RCU by calling initURCU(int num_threads).
3. Before calling any of insert/delete/contains, each thread must call urcu_register(int id).
   id should be an integer from the range {0,..., num_threads-1}. 
4. Run with a scalable memory allocator, for example [jemalloc](www.canonware.com/jemalloc/).

Copyright 2014 Maya Arbel.

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