Radiomics Enabler® - Unleash the potential of your medical images archives (PACS) for research

General Information

Radiomics Enabler® is a web server connected to a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) using a DICOM Query/Retrieve connection. A user can easily search and select sequences to extract. The extraction is then automated and sequences are placed in a directory. One can then use the RSNA's Clinical Trials Processor to process and anonymize the data.

Radiomics Enabler® is a registered trademark. General information, video and installation package can be found at

Information on dependencies, instuctions for building a Radiomics Enabler® server and configuring it can be found on the Wiki.

Supported Platforms

Currently, the officially supported platforms are:

  • Debian version 8 and 9
  • Ubuntu 16


Radiomics Enabler® is licenced under AGPLv3.If the AGPL is too restrictive for your usage, please contact us ( to discuss the possibility of buying a license exception.

We also kindly ask scientific works and clinical studies that make use of Radiomics Enabler® to cite Radiomics Enabler® in their associated publications. Similarly, we ask open-source and closed-source products that make use of Radiomics Enabler® to warn us about this use.

You may use the following citation :

Seymour K, Payoux P. Radiomics Enabler®, an ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) for biomedical imaging in big-data projects. In: IRIT, ed. Symposium Sur l’Ingénierie de l’Information Médicale. Toulouse, France; 2017. Available at:


This archive contains the following directories:

  • sitebase - the Django project directory
  • RadiomicsEnabler - the Radiomics Enabler application
  • extras - Apache2, celery daemon, and storescp daemon files
  • scripts - some useful scripts for testing
  • testInputs - some test file inputs to be used for querys of the test server

This archive contains the following files:

  • AUTHORS - The list of the authors
  • COPYING - The AGPLv3 license
  • README - This file
  • THANKS - The list of the contributors
  • NEWS - The history of main changes between versions
  • - The runtime file for the Radiomics Enabler application

We have decided not to maintain a separate "ChangeLog" file. Each commit to the official Radiomics Enabler® repository should be associated with a description of the changes.

Contributions and contact

We encourage external contributions, but just have not set things up yet. If you would like to contribute, please contact us at