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varhandle / Release notes

20160611 - Version 2.0.0

  • Changes to existing functions

      • Change the type of output to data.frame to make it easier to access
        via $
      • Now returns NULL in case it does not find any NA. This change has
        been done to make it easier to combine it with is.NULL()
    • check.numeric()
      • The argument has changed to na.rm in order to make it similar
        to the convention that other packages and functions are using.
      • The function now detects "-.2", "3.", "" and NA as numbers as well.
      • The default value of na.rm has changed to FALSE in order to take
        NAs into account.
      • An option added to ignore leading and tailing whitespace characters
        from items in vector before assessing if they can be converted to
    • rm.all.but()
      • Added the ability to call garbage collection if the size of the
        removed variables exceed the new parameter gc_limit.
      • Added a new parameter keep_functions to automatically exclude all
        functions from being removed.
  • New functions

    • : This function is calls and produce a human readable
      data.frame of NA status of columns in addition to a barplot.