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The lapply(x, FUN) function in [R][] returns a list of the same length as x, with each resulting element being the result of FUN to an element of x. Open Grid Scheduler/Engine is an open source batch-queuing system, developed and based upon Sun Grid Engine. While several packages provide implementations of parallel "apply" structures in CRAN (e.g., snow, Rmpi), none utilize the scheduling capabilities of Grid Engine. The ability to queue jobs (e.g., MCMC chains) works with well with elastic variants of cluster computing. Using qapply, the user can stack the queue and load balance the computational task, adding and removing computational resources as necessary to complete the the task in an efficient manner.

?qapply for more information, this wiki will be fleshed out eventually


To install the bleeding edge version (the HEAD commit of the master branch), install the devtools R package and then use install_bitbucket:

install_bitbucket("metrumrg/qapply",subdir = "working/qapply")