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Welcome to the Comment Workflow Plugin for Atlassian Bitbucket! Use this site as a reference for any questions you might have regarding the plugin. If you have any questions or problems, submit an issue via the browser link on the left!


This plugin attempts to provide a more detailed workflow for any issue that is raised during a PR. Sometimes comment threads can be lost in the noise generated in a Pull Request. As a result, a PR could be merged before all important issues are closed out. This plugin allows a user to mark any comment raised in a PR as 'Needs Work', preventing the PR from being merged until a resolution is met.


The workflow is simple to follow:


State Action 1 Action 2
Init - This comment does not require any action Needs Work [1] - Transitions the comment to Needs Work N/A
Needs Work - This comment requires further action to be taken before PR can be merged. Undo [1] - Transitions the comment back to Init Resolved - Transitions the comment to the Resolved State
Resolved - This comment has been addressed and needs verification by a reviewer in the PR. Close [2] - Transitions the comment to Closed Undo - Transitions the comment back to the Needs Work State
Closed - This comment has been addressed and verified, no further action is required N/A N/A
[1] - Only comment creator can take this action
[2] - Any reviewer of the PR can take this action

PR Info

The PR Info section of the Pull Request main page provides the current status of all outstanding comments. If any comments are in Needs Work or Resolved state, the PR will be blocked from merging.

Commit Message Reply Hook

Each comment includes a unique identifier to allow a user to reference it:


Clicking on this ID will automatically copy it to the clipboard (not supported in Safari browser)

The 'Commit Message Reply Hook' will automatically reply to a comment if a user mentions a comment ID in a commit message. The comment mentions the commit message and the commit hash for easy verification access. If the comment is already in the Needs Work state, it will automatically transition to the Resolved State.


Note: merge commits that mention comments are ignored (no reply)

Warnings will be printed to the user if an unexpected input is received. The push will be accepted, but no comment reply will occur. The following are conditions that cause a warning:

  1. Pull Request ID is invalid
  2. Comment does not exist
  3. Comment is already in state Closed
  4. Pull Request is already merged