mg2mcfg - Translation from MG, hMG and mTPG to MCFG

** What is it? **

This is an OCaml implementation of the translation between 3 grammars used in
computational linguistics (MG, hMG and mTPG) to MCFG, for which fast parsers exist.
For more details, see the report available in the repository.

** How to use? **

You will need OCaml installed on your system:

And GNU make:

(Note that there are packaged in all major Linux distribution)

If everything works well, you should be able to run "make" in each of the three
directories of the repository (mg2mcfg, hmg2mcfg, mtpg2mcfg) to build the
corresponding translation programs.

Run "make examples" to test the program on example grammars.

Refer to the individual README files and help sections (e.g. "./hmg2mcfg -help")
for more specific information for each translator.

** What to cite? **

If you use any of these programs for publication, please cite:

M. Guillaumin. Conversions between Midly Context Sensitive Grammars.
Internship Report, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, and UCLA.

** License **

The provided source code is licensed under the Cecill 2.1 license
( which is similar in
spirit to GPL. A copy of the license is available in the LICENSE.txt file.