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Simple starter for deploying static website on Heroku cloud application platform.

How to use it


  1. Follow the first 3 steps on Heroku quick start to get heroku toolbelt and create account.
  2. Clone this project in your machine: $ git clone
  3. Go into created project directory: $ cd heroku-static-site.
  4. Create project from Heroku: $ heroku create.
  5. Check the presence of a heroku remote in your repo: $ git remote -v.


  1. Edit files locally.
  2. Commit files to your local repo: $ git commit -am "commit message".


  1. Push code to Heroku: $ git push heroku master.
  2. Try out the site via the Heroku link or use command $ heroku open.


  • index.html — main page
  • index.php — fake file for telling Heroku to use undocumented php buildpack with Apache web server
  • .htaccess — Apache configuration file with directive to turn off php engine


You can read more about git deployment on Heroku.

Have fun!