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Jira2Excel Importer / Download and Install

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How to install

Installing the Excel add-in

  1. Download and unzip The archive contains the importer add-in Mirrorlake_Jira2Excel.xlam
  2. Save the Mirrorlake_Excel.xlam file to a local folder on your PC.
  3. Open Microsoft Excel
  4. Click "File tab" -> "Options" -> "Add-Ins" category
  5. Select Excel-Add-Ins at manage field and click Go to open the Add-ins dialog box.
  6. Click on browse and select the unzipped Mirrorlake_Excel.xlam

More help on how to manage add-ins in excel can be found in the Microsoft® Office support pages.

In case the add-in disappears after quit+restart of excel, look to the solution of this known issue cause by a Microsoft® Windows® security update.

That's it. Now your Importer should be visible in Excel®:


In case the add-in disappears after quit+restart of excel, look to the solution of this known issue cause by a Microsoft® Windows® security update.

Installing the mirrorlake license add-on to your Jira® server

Note: this step is not needed, if you just want to evaluate the tool or if you want to buy an single-PC activation key)

  1. download the Jira® plugin from the Atlassian® marketplace here
  2. follow the install instructions from the Atlassian® marketplace



  • Feature: added options for custom date and time formats
  • Improvement: improved JQL Url encoding, fixing observerved issue with some characters in JQL string
  • Improvement: improved error message handling



  • Feature: Added import progress bar
  • Improvement: tuned debug logging for better performance
  • Improvement: better support of custom datetime fields



  • Bugfix #34: overflow issue when importing large data sets
  • Improvement: error handling
  • Improvement: button for opening logfile
  • Improvement: improved error robustness of import setup (filter and project field)
  • Bugfix #33: corrected US format of date picker fields



  • Changes to make tool compliant to new trademark guidelines.
  • No new features or bugfixes.

Add-on name is now "Mirrorlake Excel Importer" (formerly "Mirrorlake Jira2Excel Importer").



  • Bugfix #32: added support for custom field type "option-with-child"



  • Bugfix #31: workog import showed date when work was logged, not when it was started.
  • Bugfix #30: import of more than 20 worklog items possible
  • Feature #29: added suppport for US dates (yyyy-MM-dd)



  • Feature: supporting configuration fiels for handling of multiple Jira® servers
  • Feature: user names are shown as real names instead of Jira® account names
  • Bugfix #28: data from custom single choice select lists always empty
  • Improvement: better performance when looking up linked epic names



  • Feature: import of unlimited number of tickets
  • Feature: worklog mode (1 line per worklog entry possible)



  • Feature #25: added support for importing parent keys for subtask issues
  • Feature #24: epic link: show epic name instead of key



  • Improvement: Deactivated key check during url modification.
  • Improvement: Improved error message for wrong Jira® server URL.
  • Bugfix: Fixed localization issue with auth key
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with Windows10 kompatibility.