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How to install the plugin

Pls visit the plugins marketplace page and find an installation instruction here.

How to setup an initial chart

To create a chart the following steps are required:

  • Create a new or open an existing Jira® dashboard
  • Click on "add gadget", select "Mirrorlake PivotCharts" gadget from the list
  • In the plugin configuration screen select a filter and click "save"
  • Click on a cell to open related list of issues.


PivotChart gadget explained




A renderer visualizes the data of your pivot table. The following renderers are available:

  • Table
  • Table Barchart
  • Row Heatmap
  • Col Heatmap
  • Horizonatal Bar Chart
  • Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Scatter Chart


Using an aggregator you can define what exactly is shown in a pivot tabel cell:

  • Count
  • Count Unique Values
  • List Unique Values
  • Sum
  • Integer Sum
  • Average
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • First
  • Last
  • Sum over Sum
  • 80% Upper Bound
  • 80% Lower Bound
  • Sum as Fraction of Totals
  • Sum as Fraction of Rows
  • Sum as Fraction of Columns
  • Count as Fraction of Totals
  • Count as Fraction of Rows
  • Count as Fraction of Columns

Axis Containers

There are to containers to define the horizontal and vertical chart or table axis. Juts drag & drop the fields into the conainers to adjust the layout.

Sorting rows+columns


Exporting to excel

Using the button "Excel: create pivot table" the shown table can be exported to Microsoft Excel. This feature was tested with Windows7 and Microsoft Office 2010 and uses an ActiveXObject which requires Internet Explorer with activated ActiveX suppport.

The button is only active for certain renderer/aggregators (e.g. table/sum or table/count). Using the configuration option the button can also be hidden.


Configuration Options

The following picture shows the configuration options of the plugin. Succeeding chapters explain the options in detail.

Project or Saved Filter

The fields defines the source of tickets to be taken for the chart planned and real progress data. You can select any predefined filter availabel in Jira® or just select a specific project.

Chart Title

Define your own title for your chart to give a summery of the shown content or leave it empty for hiding any title.

Date Format

Using the option you can define the format of dates used for your table. Available options are:


Time unit

View/Edit mode

The pivotable can be blocked for further modifications. In "view mode" the axis containers are hidden and only the renderer area is shown.


Hide Totals

You can hide the total column and row of tables and heatmaps. This might be useful for some aggregators where "totals" do not provide a useful information.

Excel export

The excel export button can be toggled for being shown (or not) above the pivot table.

In case Jira Agile™ is used, tasks can be linked to epics. The information of the "epic link" is just the key of the related epic issue. Activating this option lets the renderer lookup the epic names also. Additional database lookups are necessary which might slow down the creation of the pivot table. Pls report any performance issue to

Field selector

Used to select the issue fields you want to include in your pivot table.

Refresh interval

Frequently asked Questions

Is there any limitation of a maximum number of issues the chart can process?

Since there is no maximum number of issues that can be received from your Jira® server.

In earlier versions the following applies:

Jira® limits the number of tickets a user can request using the REST API. Refer to the following article on the Atlassian® website for some hints on how to configure the Jira® server settings to adjust the configured max number:

Is there a limitation when opening a ticket list?

You are able to get the list of related tickets when clicking on a chart element. The longer the list of tickets is, the longer the used URL for the ticket list will be. Theoretically there is a browser specific limit which heavily depends on your browser type and version. Pls report any issue to us.

Exporting to excel does not work

Check the following:

  • use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
  • activate ActiveX support in IE settings
  • use a supporter renderer/aggregator (e.g. table/sum)

Contact us at for any issue and report browser and MS Office Version.