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Thaumcraft 2.1.6d: NEI_ThaumcraftPlugin

Thaumcraft 2.1.6c: NEI_ThaumcraftPlugin

Show infuser and dark infuser repices, also show smelting and research value in item tooltips (can be disabled via NEI options).

Buildcraft 3.1.5 - NEI_BuildcraftPlugin

Buildcraft NEI_BuildcraftPlugin

Show assemlby table recipes.

Forestry 1.4.8: NEI_ForestryPlugin

This plugin show squeezer, centrifuge, carpenter, fermenter, still and thermionic fabricator recipes. And temporary it show new Forge ore dictionary shaped and shapeless recipies.

IC2 1.95+:

Show charge of electic items in their tooltips like: "4000/10000 EU".

Railcraft 5.4.4: NEI_RailCraftPlugin