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eratosthenes / Changelog


Planned for 1.0 (Unknown release date)

  • Import citation metadata from PubMed and Google Scholar (such as number of citations, which papers, etc)
  • Graph-based citation explorer (with local library, PubMed and Scholar integration)
  • Syntax highlighting for raw BibTeX editor
  • Full support for the JabRef Groups Tree
  • Support for complex search queries
  • Support for citation formatting using 1000+ bibliography styles

Planned for 0.8 (To Be Released September 2014)

  • Support for creating simple filter groups/search groups
  • Parse and Search PDF Annotations
  • Search Full Text of PDFs
  • Support for direct connection to Mendeley
  • Support for direct connection to Zotero

Version 0.7.12 (November 22nd, 2015)

  • Fixed support for simple jab ref search filters
  • Added 'empty' group to show entries without an assigned group
  • Added autocomplete when adding keywords to entries
  • Fixed a bug when importing ArXiV papers with leading in second part of ID
  • Fixed a bug causing failure of drag and drop on keyword
  • Fixed a bug when removing a sort field
  • Fixed a bug with case sensitive bibtex types in editor
  • Fixed a bug causing improper filling of fields in editor

Version 0.7.11 (August 18th, 2015)

  • Fixed validation problem for ArXiV numbers
  • Fixed jabref groups parser crash with large group lists
  • Fixed crash when adding files to entries in non-managed mode

Version 0.7.10 (June 27th, 2015)

  • Fixed problem parsing databases with missing strings
  • Added random sort option
  • Added support for importing from ArXiV
  • Added reload option for local changes to .bib file

Version 0.7.9 (February 24th, 2015)

  • Fixed problem parsing JabRef group definitions
  • Fixed problem with truncating .bib file on failed save
  • Fixed problem with sharing URLs to Eratosthenes from other app

Version 0.7.8 (February 16th, 2015)

  • Implemented pull parser to limit memory footprint when loading very large libraries
  • Skip file type check when loading from recent files or syncing
  • Added support for multiple file encodings
  • Added google scholar web interface for captcha
  • Fixed broken google scholar cert verification
  • Fixed long-press on attachment button force download
  • Fixed support for file paths with ./
  • Fixed line break display in summary and notes fields

Version 0.7.7 (January 5th, 2014)

  • Fixed error with selecting library type when creating new libraries
  • Fixed automatic loading of entries on Add PDF activity

Version 0.7.6 (December 26th, 2014)

  • Fixed error on downloading PDFs to new directory
  • Added support for SpringerLink journal
  • Fixed a crash when adding several entries

Version 0.7.5 (November 11th, 2014)

  • Fixed crash on creating new folders in dropbox
  • Fixed crash when invoking RIS or EndNote importers from other activities

Version 0.7.4 (October 3rd, 2014)

  • Fixed issue with self-referencing in xrefs
  • Added warning handlers for entry formatting issues
  • Multiple minor bug fixes

Version 0.7.3 (September 22nd, 2014)

  • Fixed a bug when loading empty query
  • Fixed a bug when choosing relative storage path
  • Fixed error reporting bug in JabRef/BibDesk parsers

Version 0.7.2 (September 2nd, 2014)

  • Fixed a bug when loading filters arguments

Version 0.7.1 (September 2nd, 2014)

  • Fixed a bug in JabRef and BibDesk imports

Version 0.7 (September 1st, 2014)

  • Download Articles via EZProxy
  • Support for filter groups/search groups
  • Support for ANY/ALL, filtering by multiple categories
  • Support for adding search services (e.g. amazon for books)
  • Support for import/export RIS format bibliography
  • Support for import/export EndNote format bibliography
  • New entry detail UI with tabbed views
  • Improvements to speed and Dropbox/Drive syncing
  • Many bug fixes

Version 0.6.6 (July 31st, 2014)

  • Added handler for genome research journal
  • Added Open PDF option in attach PDF workflow to bypass Eratosthenes
  • Fixed DOI/ISBN/PubMed validation
  • Fixed bug when pasting into fields on new entry dialog

Version 0.6.5 (July 12th, 2014)

  • Added support for other oxford journals
  • Added support for science sub-journals
  • Fixed bug when exporting JabRef groups

Version 0.6.4 (July 5th, 2014)

  • Support for BibLaTeX 'subtitle' field
  • Fixed bug when loading jabref groups tree exported by better bibtex
  • Fixed library loading progress appears to hang on large files
  • Fixed parse exception error message on unexpected EOF
  • Fixed group headers onclick style
  • Fixed newline/spacing problems in keyword fields
  • Fixed sort order case-sensitivity problem
  • Fixed problems with bioinformatics web handler

Version 0.6.3 (June 29th, 2014)

  • Added support for showing full text in headers when sorting by custom fields
  • Fixed Nature web handler for some entries
  • Fixed bug when attaching PDF from internal or external storage
  • Fixed bug when parsing URLs from entry text
  • Fixed checkboxes in custom sort fields on menu

Version 0.6.2 (June 14th, 2014)

  • Fixed scrolling list view to jump to entry
  • Google Scholar import checks for special web parsers
  • Add support for ACM Digital Library
  • Rename file checks for file name change

Version (May 25th 2014)

  • Fixed problem with dropbox unexpected 'root' exception

Version 0.6.1 (May 22nd 2014)

  • Added support for 'share' URL intents from browsers and other apps
  • Fixed tab prefix removal code on lines of comments (jabref incompatibility)

Version (May 14th 2014)

  • Fixed group add/remove bug in jabref groups tree
  • Removed tab prefix on lines of comments (jabref incompatibility)
  • Fixed unicode support bug

Version (May 13th 2014)

  • Fixed crash on improperly formated JabRef file fields

Version (May 12th 2014)

  • Fixed NullPointerException on missing BibTeXString reference

Version (May 9th 2014)

  • Fixed JabRef group export problem

Version (May 1st 2014)

  • Fixed hang/crash when importing entries

Version (April 29th 2014)

  • Fixed a problem with Zotero JabRef exports

Version (April 28th 2014)

  • Added support for chinese characters
  • Fixed incorrect citekey character requirements
  • Fixed import from PMC by pmid links
  • Fixed JBC webhandler
  • Multiple bug fixes

Version 0.6 (April 14th 2014)

  • Added support for Google Drive
  • Added "recent files" side drawer
  • Added support for crossref
  • Added support for bibtex strings
  • Added support for custom sort fields
  • Added support for scanning ISBN and DOI from barcodes and QR codes
  • Improved JabRef groups handling to preserve unsupported group types
  • Improved Dropbox sync
  • Added support for automatic remote change detection
  • Added support for offline file move operations
  • Added option to ignore missing field errors
  • Added multiple new raw bibtex editing tools
  • Many style improvements and bug fixes

Version (Apr. 7th 2014)

  • Fixed support for international google scholar hosts

Version 0.5.15 (Apr. 6th 2014)

  • Improved google scholar handling from 3rd party browsers (Mozilla)
  • Fixed cite key formatter bug

Version 0.5.14 (Apr. 4th 2014)

  • Improved support for plos journals
  • Changed menu bar icon visible priorities
  • Fixed a bug with creating new .bib files in dropbox
  • Fixed a bug with moving/renaming attachments
  • Fixed crash on invalid URL

Version 0.5.13 (Mar. 19th 2014)

  • Fixed bug with overwriting existing files on download of google scholar pdf
  • Fixed runtime error when parsing invalidly formatted author lists
  • Fixed bug with recognition of certain characters in cite keys
  • Fixed bug with escaping : and ; in jabref file fields
  • Fixed bug causing activity change on screen rotation for small devices

Version 0.5.12 (Mar. 13th 2014)

  • Improved bibdesk file attachment export features
  • Improved file type prediction
  • Sorting preference now saved

Version (Mar. 10th 2014)

  • Fixed issue with dropbox export

Version (Mar. 9th 2014)

  • Filtering invalid characters from suggested filenames
  • Fixed sync/storage bugs

Version 0.5.11 (Mar. 9th 2014)

  • Added preliminary support for adding BibDesk file attachments from Eratosthenes
  • Added support for specifying a special subdirectory for attachment storage
  • Added add by URL option to new entry menu
  • Boolean fields convert to 0/1 instead of true/false in BibDesk mode
  • Fixed multiple bugs and styling issues

Version 0.5.10 (Mar. 2nd 2014)

  • Improved dropbox sync speed
  • Fixed problem with case-insensitive dropbox paths leading to "file not found" errors on sync
  • Added support for all nature sub journals
  • Added ability to open (not just import) .bib files from the android file browser
  • Fixed field format errors
  • Fixed crash on error report creation
  • Multiple bug and style fixes

Version 0.5.9 (Feb. 21st 2014)

  • Added handler for bioinformatics journal
  • Added handler for PMC
  • Added new exception reporting system to send non-crash errors to developer
  • Added select all in entry context menu
  • Added repair entries feature to set missing timestamps
  • Fixed error reporting styles for some features
  • Fixed issue with exporting files to dropbox

Version 0.5.8 (Feb. 16th 2014)

  • Fixed support for Windows/Dos format files
  • Fixed collections/groups dialog styling
  • Added support for JBC journal entries
  • Added support for SciDirect journal entries
  • Fixed some issues with journal support
  • Fixed cache file error causing corrupt PDF

Version 0.5.7 (Feb. 4th 2014)

  • Added support for external storage
  • Fixed an issue with alternative attachment storage locations
  • Fixed an issue with the dropbox cache
  • Fixed issues with windows style line breaks
  • Fixed crash on adding some google scholar entries
  • Summary includes line breaks

Version 0.5.6 (Feb. 3rd 2014)

  • Major library loading speed improvements
  • Added support for jabref timestamps
  • Fixed a bug in the jabref groups parser

Version 0.5.5 (Feb. 1st 2014)

  • Long pressing the edit icon on an entry now opens the raw BibTeX editor
  • Added auto-import of science magazine articles from the browser
  • Added auto-import of nature journal articles from the browser
  • Primary attachment can now be opened from button bar at the top of an entry detail view
  • Fixed an issue with redirect handling of DOIs
  • Minor styling changes
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 0.5.4 (Jan. 27th 2014)

  • Added auto-import for journal entries
  • Added auto-import for NEJM articles
  • Added auto-import for PLOS CompBio journal entries
  • Added auto-import for Wiley Online articles
  • BibTeX raw editor is now fullscreen on small devices
  • PubMed entry type in now shows soft-numpad keyboard
  • Fixed broken ISBN service
  • Fixed bug with downloading PDFs from sites with cookie redirects
  • Fixed bug with reseting library save status on library load
  • Improved parsing

Version 0.5.3 (Jan. 18th 2014)

  • Created a new app icon
  • Fixed crash on .bib library load from the entry list activity

Version 0.5.2 (Jan. 10th 2014)

  • Detect PubMed entry URIs visited in the browser, allow import
  • Automatically download PubMedCentral PDFs when they are available
  • File chooser dialog now remembers last locations
  • Added menu option to clear the cache of remote files
  • Fixed a bug in the cache entries feature
  • Fixed a bug in the Cite key autoformatter
  • Fixed multiple file/url specificity issues (.bib,,, .pdf)
  • Fixed a bug in the license check service
  • Fixed a bug on resume after device rotation

Version 0.5.1 (Jan. 5th 2014)

  • Fixed major bug in jabref/bibdesk support
  • Fixed dropbox credential storage
  • Added support for PDF attach to entry from browser
  • One-click to search google scholar for a bibtex entry
  • Automatically import PDFs from google scholar when available
  • Fixed crash while adding entries from google scholar
  • Added helpful hints about jabref/bibdesk files
  • Numerous minor UI bug-fixes

Version 0.4.0 (Aug. 2013)

  • First public release