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iX systems, Inc documentation on adding identifiers in ERPNext charts of accounts, version 7.0 and above. GNU General Public License Version 3.0 (GPL v3)

1. Open IX systems ERPNext App on Home. Go to Setup > IX Settings -

  • Add identifier to Root accounts like Application of Funds (Assets), Source of Funds(Liabilities), Equity, Income and Expense. Identifiers can be assigned in any order as per user convenience / acceptance.

revised ix settings.PNG

2. Open Data import tool -

  • Select Type of Document to Export > Account > Select all columns > Download with Data
  • Account number column is customized in CSV file to assign identifiers in child root type accounts as shown in fig below.


3. Open Data import tool -

  • While uploading the CSV file please remove all root accounts row to import data successfully. Identifiers automatically get assigned to child root accounts and can be viewed in COA.

Row deletion.PNG

4. Identifiers in COA -

  • Open chart of account > Application of Funds (Assets) - IS > Current assets - IS > Edit. Account number is visible in doctype too.

numbering in coa.PNG

5. Standard report-

  • Open iX systems ERPNext App > standard report > IX Trial Balance to view account no in trial balance.

trial balance.PNG


  • COA numbering used here is only for test purpose
  • Special characters / alphabets are optional