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Seed / Roadmap

Here is what is upcoming, and when.

Versionning: A version has 3 numbers (#.#.#) representing their state. They represent release, beta and alpha versions in this order. (release.beta.alpha). Alpha is incremented each time a new feature is added. Beta is incremented each time the team produces a test version. No new features, only debugging and tweaking is done here. Release is incremented each time the team releases a public version.

Alpha 0.0.1

November 2012 Contains a fully functionnal tree buildin system. It allows the player to:

  • add branches/roots/leafs
  • decay branches/roots/leafs
  • plant a seed

Alpha 0.0.2

December 2012 Adds the following features.

  • water spots
  • ground nutriments
  • light resource
  • new species
  • HUD
  • resource management in the tree

Alpha 0.0.3

January 2013 Adds the following:

  • Climate events
  • Season events
  • Random events

Alpha 0.0.4

End January 2013 Adds:

  • Achievements

Beta 0.1