ScriptUI Capitalization Consistency

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vaporstack created an issue

There are a couple of minor inconsistencies in the casing of ui/container.js -

Notably, AddEditText / AddStatictext have dissimilar casing. Easy enough to fix but probably should be done with a deprecation warning to avoid breaking existing scripts.

Recommend we use the naming and casing as described in JavaScript Tools Guide -

* AddStatictext -> AddStaticText
* AddTreeview -> AddTreeView
* AddListbox -> AddListBox* * 

A little bit annoying to decipher since the tools guide has some inconsistencies in itself, for example

 ProgressBar / Scrollbar

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  1. Rune Gangsø

    How should the deprecation warning work? Just throw an error stating: "addListbox has changed name to addListBox"?

  2. Rune Gangsø

    ScriptUI Capitalization Consistency

    See #12 I don't know if there is any more inconsistency, that needs to be checked. The previous method names (addListbox, addStatictext and addTreeview)now points to the renamed methods (addListBox, addStaticText and addTreeView) to be backwards compatible.

    → <<cset 25fc4afa8941>>

  3. Zack Lovatt

    Re: capitalization, there are also inconsistencies in the modules toString() functions;

    return "[object aeq.App]"; compared to return "[object]";

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