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The Task Master add-on for JIRA provides an easy way for you to break an issue into sub-tasks quickly. You can make as many sub-tasks for an issue as you need.


  • Sub-tasks must be enabled in JIRA
  • "Summary" must be the only required field in sub-tasks
  • The project must have a sub-task issue type available

How to use it

To break your issue into sub-tasks with the Task Master:

images/thumb/menu.pngOpen the issue you want to break into sub-tasks. Click on "More Actions", and then select "Create Sub-Tasks".
images/thumb/tasks.pngEnter the sub-tasks you want to create for the issue. Press the Enter key to move to the next sub-task or click the "X" to remove a sub-task. Click "Submit" to finish.
images/thumb/created.pngIf the sub-tasks were created successfully, the success message will appear. Click "Refresh" to reload the issue so your new sub-tasks appear.
images/thumb/created-tasks.pngThe sub-tasks have been created and you can now manage them just like other JIRA features.

Keyboard shortcuts

The Task Master add-on provides several keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate sub-tasks as you create them.

enterInserts a new sub-task immediately below the current sub-task
shift-enterInserts a new sub-task immediately above the current sub-task
ctrl-enterSelects the empty sub-task at the end of the list
ctrl-dDeletes the current sub-task if it is not the last in the list; otherwise, clears the current sub-task
up-arrowSelects the sub-task on the line above
down-arrowSelects the sub-task on the line below


If you have any questions or problems using this add-on, please raise an issue.