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Try out CLAMP (CL-C++AMP) samples

In general the samples in Sandbox are confirmed to work with latest build of CLAMP. You will need to either install the latest binary from there or build CLAMP from source (especially if you are not using Ubuntu 12/13).

Status of Samples as of 2/7/2014

  • CppaAMPMarkerSample: Fails
  • MeasurePerformance: Fails

Some benchmarks in Benchmarks/ fails too (see below).

The rest should work. If not, please file a bug report.

Generally, a failing case would have an XFAIL in the code. So:

cppamp-sandbox$ grep XFAIL * -r
Benchmarks/MatrixMul_Double_naive.cpp://XFAIL: *
Benchmarks/CreateDestroy_Container.cpp://XFAIL: *
Benchmarks/LaunchOverhead.cpp://XFAIL: *
CppAMPMarkersSample/CppAMPMarkersSample.cpp://XFAIL: *
MeasurePerformance/timer.cpp://XFAIL: *
MeasurePerformance/performance2.cpp://XFAIL: *
MeasurePerformance/performance1.cpp://XFAIL: *
Unsupport/LargeMatrixMultiplication/LargeMatrixMultiplication.cpp://XFAIL: *
Unsupport/multi_gpu_mxm/dist_mxm.cpp://XFAIL: *
Unsupport/multi_gpu_mxm/main.cpp://XFAIL: *
Unsupport/MandelBrot/MandelBrot.cpp://XFAIL: *