Reflect section titles from Ch 2 (feedback principles) in Chapter 1 and elsewhere [intro, principles, statefbk, outputfbk, pid, loopsyn]

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Richard Murray repo owner created an issue

We would like to have a bit more emphasis on use of feedback for a) disturbance attenuation b) command signal following c) robustness d) shape behavior in the Introduction and tie it to Ch 2.

We plan to augment the contents of Chapter 1 to better reflect that ideas in Chapter 2. We want to keep the three big buckets under Section 1.5 (feedback properties), which are managing uncertainty, design of dynamics, and creating modularity. Under managing uncertainty we can talk about disturbance attenuation (2.3) and robustness to model uncertainty (2.5). Under design of dynamics we can include following command signals (2.4) and shaping behavior (2.8).

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  1. Richard Murray reporter

    As described in issue #54, one discrepancy was “command [signal] following” versus “reference [signal] tracking”. This is now regularized, but should discuss with Karl.

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